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Welcome to Sparkfire Marketing!

Employing experienced marketing consultants and newcomers, we specialize in providing marketing & creative solutions to help businesses accelerate their growth.

Passionate about the industry, we are a pro-social marketing agency that works with communities to upskill marketing and creative talent. Paying close attention to clients’ needs, we provide excellent services with a fee structure designed to suit every job.

Spark Sessions

Spark Sessions are monthly live webinars presented by world-class experts, influencers and brands. They're designed to keep you up-to-date on the most important trends, ideas, and insights in marketing, online influence, personal branding, leadership, marketing technology, sales tactics, growth hacking and more.

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The Power of Video

With today's technology, video is the single most powerful way to communicate your brand. We love it because it's entertaining and relatable, while also being extremely shareable. In this Spark Session, you'll learn how to use video to better connect with customers, boost your results and make a lasting impact along the way.

Productivity & Freedom From Fear

Have you ever felt stressed and exhausted with work and life? Do you sometimes feel so overwhelmed that you cannot function? Is burnout affecting your mental health and well-being? Our experts share amazing advice about becoming more fearless, beating burnout and becoming more productive.

About Us

The founder of Sparkfire Marketing, Seun Oratokhai, is dedicated to the empowerment and growth of every business and individual we work with. Seun is a Marketing professional with over 11 years' experience in the Retail, Media and Fintech industries in Europe and Africa. She has led Marketing operations for global and home-grown brands, including Nickelodeon, MTV Base, KweseIflix and FairMoney, with a focus on emerging markets. When she isn't working with brands and individuals to improve their marketing skills and operations, she is attending or facilitating courses, connecting with other business owners or mentoring young adults.

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Seun Oratokhai

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Our Mission

Ignite passion, unleash potential and transform lives.

Our Vision

A thriving population, contributing to economic growth and impacting the lives of others.

Our Services

Content plans, Marketing plan, Competitor Analysis,  CRM, Data Analysis


Let us help you get focus in your business and clarify your vision with bespoke marketing and brand strategies.

Email, Website, SEO, Social Media, Content

Digital Marketing

Reach your ideal customer with targeted cost-effective digital marketing solutions tailored to your business.

Brand identity, brand strategy and logo design


Our experts will create a powerful, recognisable and competitive brand which truly connects with your ideal customer.


Always putting our clients first, we provide cost-effective graphic design and video production services for multiple platforms.

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Supporting Creativity

We recruit, train, and mentor aspiring marketeers and creatives to work alongside our team of experts and deliver the best possible services. Our goal is to address the unemployment crisis by providing quality training and opportunities.


Sign up for an apprenticeship programme in Marketing, Graphic Design or Production, earn an income and kickstart your career


Join the team and get hands-on training, mentorship and professional coaching with an internationally recognised certification


It's your dream, we're here to help you make it. Secure a dream career within or outside Sparkfire after completing your programme

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Our process enables us to gain a deep understanding of our clients' needs and ensure that we consistently provide tailor-made solutions that deliver value.


We leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline processes and deliver world-class services.


Our high-performing team consists of highly skilled industry experts who have years of experience working with global organisations.


We offer a variety of ways to pay for our services. We work with each client to design a fee structure that works for them.

Why Work With Us?


Accelerate business growth & boost competitive advantage by outsourcing non-primary business functions.


Reduce labour costs & improve efficiency, saving time on recruitment, training and execution.


Benefit from a team of highly skilled experts, committed to advancing your strategic business goals.

Who Have We Worked With?

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